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Pet Preform Neck 28 Normal PCO

The key for ‘Preform Neck 28 Normal PCO ‘in this industry is the toughness, transparency, strength of the formation, and orientation of the chains, not affecting the taste and non-toxic nature. To understand the Preform Neck 28 Washing, we are visiting to begin to elucidate the PET process.


Weight Height
16/5 g 110 mm
19/6 g 110 mm
21.2 g 110 mm
24 g 110 mm
  • Product Name : Pet Preform Neck 28 Normal PCO
  • Manufacturer : Rota Pack
  • Product Code : SLS4083

About Pet Preform Neck 28 Normal PCO

First, the PET raw materials, which are within the granules, are poured into the injection machine through a sucker to supply preform s, which have moulds of assorted sizes and weights after moulding and are injected into the Preform mould. After performing this process, the produced Preform, after cooling and hardening, comes out of the mould and is directed to the balloon device to inflate. Within the wind part, the Preform produced by the device is heated and softened to the aim that it’s neither too hot nor too cold (both factors destroy the Preform); we place the softened Preform inside the inflator inflate it the utmost amount as desired. This amount depends on the size, weight of the Preform, and so the fashion of mould. This can often be how pet bottles are produced. 

The most important advantage of using PET as packaging within the food industry is its proper compatibility with food and doesn’t affect materials. Additionally, due to its very low penetration coefficient, it’s suitable for all types of gases within the packaging industry, which require complete insulation. In terms of the environment, it is a product that’s easily recycled, and in this regard, it is a vital advantage.

Where can you use Preform Neck 28 Normal PCO?

When it involves beverage innovation, moves to lightweight and an increase in the number of nutritional drinks on offer are growing.

From today’s juicy waters to carbonated soft drinks and refreshing still water, clear bottles are the first popularized, but today’s big question is about costs. So how can producers decrease their bottle production prices and keep their customers satisfied

Typical customers are companies filling juices and juice drinks, drinking water, dairy drinks, still and sparkling soft drinks, and food products. Another notable group produces fluids and uses Preform s for self-care, household, DIY, and car care applications.

Customers include brand owners, producers of own-label products, and co-packers, further as small specialist producers. Most customers buy standard off-the-shelf bottles; or customized designs in volume. 

This neck standard is specifically designed to withhold and resist high internal pressures. The planning also enables the bottles to be more durable toward external forces like mechanical and thermal pressures.

This product has many applications for both carbonated and non-carbonated fluids. That’s why Rotapack offers this Preform in a style of weights that meets the various needs of our clients.

The general applications of this Preform are to store both carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, chemical products, cosmetic products, and health and hygienic products.

PCO Neck shape

There are different models based on the shape. From shampoo bottles to creams that have a circular shape. In the following, we will introduce some of them to you.

Our research has led us to an Eco-friendly system, lighter in material because “less is green,” a cap unique in the cosmetic sector.

The packaging today is not anymore a static shell but a conscious choice. PCO Neck model made in an elegant and original shape of a dune. Perfectly integrated top that respects the rounded line of the base for a better harmony of the figure. Snap model that combines the softness of a rounded profile with an elegant insert that overhangs the capsule.

The reinforcement lines of the closure enhance the technical design. PCO Neck model where the spout and the groove around the dispenser contribute to the recovery of excess liquids. Made with double satin body finish and glossy top, more pleasant to the touch.

Rotapack company with a few years of experience produces different types of high-quality Preform Neck 28 Normal PCO. You’ll be able to see specifications like weight or colour and other things on the Preform Neck 28 Normal PCO site.

Where to shop for Preform Neck 28 Normal PCO?

Rotapack Group has provided you with specifications of various varieties of pet bottles on its site. By visiting, you’ll be able to find the products you would like and buy them quickly.

Pet Preform Neck 28 Normal PCO price

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