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Preform 30/25 short neck

To better understand the Preform 30/25 Short Neck, we will begin to explain the PET process. First, the PET raw materials, which are in the form of granules, are poured into the injection machine using a sucker to produce Preform s, which have moulds of different sizes and weights after moulding and are injected into the Preform mould. After performing this process, the produced Preform, after cooling and hardening, comes out of the mould and is directed to the balloon device to inflate. In the wind part, the Preform produced by the device is heated and softened to the point that it is neither too hot nor too cold (both factors destroy the Preform); we place the softened Preform inside the inflator inflate it as much as desired. This amount depends on the size, weight of the Preform, and the type of mould. This is how pet bottles are produced.


Weight Height
16/5 g 110 mm
19/6 g 110 mm
21.2 g 110 mm
24 g 110 mm
  • Product Name : Preform 30/25 short neck
  • Manufacturer : Rota Pack
  • Product Code : SLS4082

About Pet Preform 30/25 Short Neck

Preform 30/25 Short Neck

The most important advantage of using PET as packaging in the food industry is its proper compatibility with food and does not affect materials. In addition, due to its very low penetration coefficient, it is very suitable for all types of gases in the packaging industry, which require complete insulation. In terms of the environment, it is a product that is easily recycled, and in this regard, it is a significant advantage.

Preform 30/25 Short Neck is a piece that is produced during a unique process and is used in various fields such as Beauty, Personal Care. Health. Home Care. Luxury. Premium. Chemicals, Industrial, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Cosmeceutical, Pharmaceuticals, and Cleaning. In this article, we look at how it is produced and formed, the uses, and finally, the price of this product.

The key for Preform 30/25 Short Neck in this industry is the toughness, transparency, strength of the formation, and orientation of the chains, not affecting the taste and non-toxic nature.

Preform Pet paves the way for producing pure, varied, and high-quality bottles, hygienic and transparent such as glass. At the same time, without any effect in terms of smell and taste, it allows the packaging of various food products.

Where can you use Preform 30/25 Short Neck?

Preform 30/25 Short Neck are widely used in the food and cosmetics industries. This product, in addition to flexibility and resistance, creates very high ease of production and storage. This type of bottle’s remarkable stability and its very low permeability to gas and moisture has made it a suitable packaging for carbonated products.

Rotapack company with many years of experience produces different types of high-quality Preform 30/25 Short Neck. You can see specifications such as weight or colour and other things on the Preform 30/25 Short Neck site.

From the perspective of consumers, pet bottles have been one of the most important human inventions. They can be used for a variety of foods and cost less. The type of sizes and even colours in pet bottles is high, making more ideas for advertisers. On the other hand, the Preform 30/25 Short Neck is recyclable and does minor damage to the environment, and its shape and size are designed to increase its use.

Where to buy Preform 30/25 Short Neck?

Rotapack Group has provided you with specifications of different types of pet bottles on its site. By visiting, you can easily find the products you need and buy them.

Pet Preform 30/25 Short Neck price

Rotapack Industrial Group has displayed the specifications and Pet Preform 30/25 Short Neck price for you. Rotapack experts are ready to answer your questions. Contact us for more information and advice.