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Pet Preform Neck 28 Washing

Preform Neck 28 Washing could be a piece that’s produced during a unique process and is employed in various fields like Beauty, Personal Care. Health. Home Care. Luxury. Premium. Chemicals, Industrial, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Cosmeceutical, Pharmaceuticals, and Cleaning. In this article, we look at how it is produced and formed, the uses, and finally, the price of this product. The key for ‘Preform Neck 28 Washing ‘in this industry is the toughness, transparency, strength of the formation, and orientation of the chains, not affecting the taste and non-toxic nature. To better understand the Preform Neck 28 Washing, we will begin to elucidate the PET process.


Weight Height
16/5 g 110 mm
19/6 g 110 mm
21.2 g 110 mm
24 g 110 mm
  • Product Name : Preform Neck 28 Washing
  • Manufacturer : Rota Pack
  • Product Code : SLS4081

About Pet Preform Neck 28 Washing

What is Preform?

The Preform is a piece with a special appearance similar to a test tube, transparent and with a smooth surface that is the intermediate product in the process of converting polyethylene terephthalate (PET) granules into bottles. Although this product has a very similar appearance to glass, it is not as fragile as glass, and its durable walls provide a good possibility for transportation. In determining the strength of the pet bottle wall, choosing the right Preform is the most influential factor. The appearance, performance, and other characteristics of each bottle will be affected in some way by this choice. In this case, Rotapack prepares the best Preform neck 24.

Why do we suggest you’ pet Preform’?

 Preform production is an essential part of the pet bottle production process. The presence of this interface product has created significant benefits such as cost, environmental considerations, productivity, and flexibility in production. In addition, PET bottles are light, inexpensive, and recyclable. The properties of PET bottles depend on the quality of their raw material. PET has good resistance to alkalis and dilutes acids, but its opposition to concentrated acids and bases is low. It also shows good resistance against fats and oils.

From the customer’s point of view, using this product has many advantages, most of which mentioned such things as lower weight, more accessible transportation, and high efficiency, and the most important of them is the reduction of occupied space and easy operation, which ultimately leads to optimal use.

 Preform Pet paves the way for producing pure, varied, and high-quality bottles, hygienic and transparent such as glass. At the same time, without any effect in terms of smell and taste, it allows the packaging of various food products.

Preform production

PET Preform is made in a molding process with a mold that is designed based on the general needs of consumers. Despite the Preform, the production of PET bottles with entirely different appearances and based on different designs according to the wishes and needs of each customer is easy, and the Tensile pneumatic molding process is achievable. Of course, the opening part of Preform is the only part that does not change during pneumatic molding, so one of the methods of classifying Preform types is a classification based on their type of opening.

Where can you use Pet Preform?

Pet bottles are widely used in the food and cosmetics industries. This product, in addition to flexibility and resistance, creates very high ease of production and storage. The remarkable stability of this type of bottle, along with its very low permeability to gas and moisture, has made it a suitable packaging for carbonated products.

Where to buy Preform neck 28?

Rotapack Group has provided you with specifications of different types of Preform s on its site that Preform neck 28 is one of them. By visiting, you can easily find the products you need and buy them.

Pet Preform neck 28 price

Rotapack Industrial Group has displayed the specifications and Pet Preform neck 28 prices for you. Rotapack experts are ready to answer your questions. Contact us for more information and advice.