Of course design for recycling makes sense

Committing to a circular economy needs acceptance that our cumulative efforts will repay us ten-fold, rather than promoting it as ‘someone should do something’.

Design for Recycling is better for everyone. We can all do something. We live in a world with finite resources, but it’s also a world where people are busy, want to eat conveniently, to buy goods for their home, and enjoy their leisure time. Design for Recycling (DfR) plays a crucial role in rounding the square that is environmental impact across all design and manufacturing sectors.

The basic premise of DfR regarding packaging is that it is far better to design packaging that is easy to recycle with existing technologies after use, than to focus on creating ways to recycle complex packaging. Core elements include assessing how the different constituent polymer materials separate in the recycling process, and how additives, colourants and added material such as labels, closures and inks can hinder the recyclability of the final packaging.

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