What is Preform ? Applications and pricing

The word preform means prefabricated. The Preform is an intermediate product that Preform can convert into a variety of bottles. Many of the bottles are made from PET preform.

Baltic films enjoys strategic investment

Despite the unforeseen difficulties of 2020, global plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL continues to actively invest. The RETAL Baltic Films plant in Klaipeda officially opened its modern production

Of course design for recycling makes sense

Committing to a circular economy needs acceptance that our cumulative efforts will repay us ten-fold, rather than promoting it as ‘someone should do something’. Design for Recycling is better

Learn About Operating PET Bottle Machines

Something crossed my desk that I hadn’t seen before: an announcement of a practical, hands-on course designed to teach machine operators and technicians about processing and troubleshooting

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